• The Awakening or "TA" as people would love to call it for generations to come is birthed out of our desire to have a safe, stable and sustainable network where we can all achieve financial freedom.
  • TA is carefully nurtured in love and for love We are real people who through our pains, hardship and losses saw a need to serve, a need to help each other, and a need to create a holistic system that assures financial freedom.
  • The Awakening is an avenue for self-actualization, we believe in our ability to empower each other, through love, honesty, transparency and giving. We are living in the most extraordinary times in human history, a time where anything is possible if you #DARETODREAM. In this New-Era anything can be achieved through crowdfunding and crowdsourcing.
  • The Awakening is a movement! A promise made to ourselves that we would never be cheated of our hard earned income or blindsided in spite of our good intentions to donate and receive donations. We are AWAKENED! And WE say to ourselves "NEVERAGAIN", #NEVERAGAIN.
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